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Petcock Paranoia � The Cure

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From: NorthIdahoTed  (Original Message)Sent: 8/3/2008 8:29 PM
After reading a few of the message threads on this forum, regarding fuel washing down the cylinders into the crankcase, I�m on edge that my CB450 motor will seize, blowup or disintegrate due to a leaky petcock.

Shutting off the petcock, and letting the engine die, due to lack of fuel, didn�t help alleviate my concerns. Maybe one of the petcock fuel feeds was ok, while the other one was pumping gallons of fuel into the other carb and setting up disaster.

The only way I could be a good nights sleep was to make 100% sure that leaking wasn�t happening. So, I shut off the petcock, disconnected the fuel lines to the carbs, and connected about 2 feet of 1/4 clear fuel line and looped and connected to both ends of the petcock spigots.

Confident that NO fuel would turn my oil black, I went to bed with the plan to check the clear fuel line in the morning.

Lo and behold, the next day, there was no fuel in the clear fuel line. Maybe I�ve been living right, but apparently I wasn�t one of those unfortunate souls plagued with a bad petcock gasket. I can now stop shopping at eBay for the best price on that Petcock rebuild kit.

All I have to do it to make sure that my petcock continues to stay in good working order. OH, NO it could start leaking at any time!

Well, if clear tubing doesn�t work, maybe Valium will.


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From: dmpesSent: 8/4/2008 8:40 AM
everyones petcock leaks, get a ball valve one, mine line will be full and then empty in the morning because of bad float gaskets. the petcock is a bad design but you can take it apart and bend the washer a bit so it seals alittle better, i got to the point that i disconnected the lines every time i was not riding it for a while, what do i care.

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From: zeerx">zeerx-->Sent: 8/4/2008 12:31 PM
Look in one of the catalogs (Kirk or Chaparral, I can't remember which) there's a quick disconnect that shuts off the fuel on both side when disconnected. I've got one on the crossover pipe that makes a mess everytime you want to take the tank off. Cheers.

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From: bluebikerblan">bluebikerblan-->Sent: 8/4/2008 4:58 PM
Please pass the I'm worrying about you losing sleep over a questionable petcock. 
Don't want to get too radical here Ted but...........How about a new petcock?    30 years plus is pretty good service.

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From: NorthIdahoTedSent: 8/4/2008 7:44 PM
No, no Valium. Maybe a co2 cartridge hooked up to the fuel line to stop the gravity feed will work.

All kidding aside Blue, i agree with dmpes. Although Honda still sells a replacement petcock for our bikes, the 450 petcock is an archaic and poor design.

Is there any sort of direct replacement that is less prone to siphoning fuel in the off position?

I think the dinosaur that roars (Paul) has a solution, but since I can't easily search the site I really don't recall what that is.

Maybe its just the 10 percent ethanol in our fuels, or the lack of lead, that makes it leak....... LOL


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From: bluebikerblan">bluebikerblan-->Sent: 8/5/2008 9:52 AM
Now I'm beginning to worry that it may be the ethanol elsewhere than in our fuels?
Be that as it may, check the PM I sent you and try to remember "Pingel Petcocks". is a good place to find them   BOL~Blue

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From: c%5FtinkerSent: 8/6/2008 7:34 PM

I noticed you mentioned eBay and petcock rebuild kits... save money by simply special ordering the petcock gasket (part number 16953-283-000) from your local Honda dealer (~$10). This part should stop most petcock leaking and it's a lot cheaper and less hassle than a rebuild kit + shipping via eBay


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From: jayel745Sent: 8/9/2008 8:52 PM
you mention looping and then connecting to other end of the line back to the other side of the petcock, it won't work like that that fuel has no way to push the air out of the hose in a closed loop, you need to use two hoses one on each feed and the open end above the fuel tank, that would show which if any of the feeds are passing fuel

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From: NorthIdahoTedSent: 8/11/2008 3:56 PM
Your probably right about the trapped air, with no place for the fuel to go. So the woes and worries continue.
In the meantime, I think I have another cure. Check out the pictures section under 'Streak', and look at the image of the petcock.
Honda and Briggs and Stratton, a marriage made in heaven!
Cure  rev. 2 cost is 10 dollars (US) or less. About the same cost as a new petcock gasket, but with some added insurance.

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From: jayel745Sent: 8/11/2008 5:17 PM
well that should work to keep it from filling the lower end mine always seem to leak around the lever even in the off posistion (gas all over the side of the bike) and at close to 4 bucks a gallon I hate pouring that stuff on the garage floor

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From: NorthIdahoTedSent: 8/11/2008 5:39 PM
I'm still working on Cure version 3.0, which may include a "Pingel Petcock" that Blue has recommended. New technology for our old machines.....

When I have a non original / new technology petcock in place I will post the Final Cure.

My petcock used to leak around the lever as well. But a simple cleaning seemed to fix it. But, I expect that a worn compression ring, or cracked or bad gasket would make it leak around the lever as well.


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From: bluebikerblan">bluebikerblan-->Sent: 8/11/2008 5:56 PM
Looks like you'll have a good nights sleep at last Ted and unless that petcock leaks gas down the outside of the lines etc., I think you've got it.  Why mess with the Pingel?  They don't give those away!  What's the line about form following function?
The "Streak" looks nice Ted.....Best, Blue

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From: FlatulentSent: 8/13/2008 5:52 PM
Brass float needles leak. Viton-tipped needles do not. Watercraft carries Keihin & Mikuni kits. Don't forget the in-line filter. I changed to a Honda 1000 5Gal. Tank so I don't have to stop before the county line. Moved the seat back 3" to accomodate.
There are aftermarket kits that insinuate they are genuine float valve/seat assemblies.
Unless they are in the original package (numbers)......
It took me Once to learn.
                                              Paul T.

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