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Cb450 Forum Index
This site is a fairly complete archive of the MSN Groups DOHC CB450 forum's technical messages. The original forum was in existence from 08/2003 to 02/2009. There are approximately 5150 message links. 

Note: The "Link to Original Message" show many images and hyperlinks that no longer work as the forum is no longer in existence.

Searching tips:
1)  Enter keywords to search.  IE:  SPOKES PIPES   - will return all messages that include the words spokes AND pipes, regardless of order.

2)  If you want to search for messages containing an exact phrase, IE: "carb cleaning", use double quotes around the phrase you are looking for.
For those interested:  In the process of downloading these messages and links from the MSN Groups site, I noticed that the Tech Questions and the General Messages section is overlapped and duplicated. Therefore, the General section messages are not separated from the techical section, as there were only few General section messages not already in the Technical section.